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The Wheeleez® difference is the amazing flexible balloon wheel that disperses heavy loads over a large surface rolling area. The tire/rim combination feature tires made of tough, puncture resistant, plastic with a tensile strength of 1,500 lbs per square inch. Heavy, awkward loads are now easily pushed or pulled over most all terrains.

The Kayak/Canoe Cart spares you from carrying heavy gear.

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And the Kayak Cart--Beach rolls over any terrain.

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Fill your kayak with gear and make one trip.

And turn your Kayak Cart--Beach or Kayak/Canoe Cart into a seat.

These totes can really save your back from straining
Facilitates loading your boat onto the roof racks of your car or van.

Simply use the tie-down straps to mount the tote upside-down onto the trunk of the car or the upper edge of the van rear. Now place on end of the boat between the tote wheels. Grab the other end of the boat and slide it up. The wheels will guide and carry the boat while rolling it.



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