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The Wheeleez® Beach Cart

The Wheeleez® difference is the amazing flexible tire that disperses heavy loads over a large surface rolling area. This prevents Wheeleez® wheels from sinking or plowing into soft sand, soggy grass, or any other unstable/uneven surface. The balloon tire/rim combination feature tires made of tough, puncture resistant, polyurethane plastic with a tensile strength of 1,500 lbs per square inch. Heavy, awkward loads are now easily pushed or pulled over most all terrains.


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Wheeleez® Beach Cart utilizes balloon wheels so anyone can push it with ease!

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Wheeleez® Beach Cart is great
for use:

  • On sand, mud and snow
  • On soft, soggy grass and turf
  • On other environmentally sensitive areas

Wheeleez® Beach Cart easily carries almost anything:

  • Coolers, picnic equipment, chairs
  • Boogie board/surf equipment
  • Umbrellas, towels, fishing equipment
  • Hunting equipment, beach cleanup debris

These special wheels make going to the beach a pleasure, not a pain! Our balloon wheels will not sink or plow into soft sand, soggy grass or other unstable/uneven surfaces, quite unlike any other tire/rim combination. Heavy, awkward loads are easily pushed or pulled over most all terrain by anyone: young or old; big or little.



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