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Imagine the possibilities!

Our amazing balloon wheels can take your work, play and access needs to new places with ease and style.
Utility - Sports - Recreation - Mobility
What will you do with our Go-anywhere Wheels?

Many of the following were created by other companies or individuals using Wheeleez® Inc. beach wheels.


Water and Energy dolly Water and Energy dolly
dolly dolly

Pump Dolly Oil and gas wells produce not just precious hydrocarbons to fulfill our energy needs, but also large quantities of salt water. Since this water is contaminated with dissolved salts, alcohols, and residual hydrocarbons it can not be deposited on the ground – but must be evaporated to remove water and concentrate the other contaminants.

Ponds lined with a fragile liner are used to contain this water prior to evaporation. Water and Energy needed to install heavy submersible pumps in these ponds without risking liner damage during installation and retrieval.

Dolly 24A modified Dolly 24 was the solution to the pump installation problem. Not only did the balloon tires provide a large contact patch for low pressure on the liner – but the buoyancy of the tires also offset much of the weight of the heavy 50 hp pumps. The result was easy installation and removal of the pumps without the risk of liner damage.

In addition, since continuous submersion in the salty water would have insured rapid rusting of ferrous materials, Dolly 24’s all aluminum and injection molded composite construction should provide years of service in this harsh oil and gas field environment.



Got a job to do? Need to move tools, equipment or products across the soft stuff? Move it with beach wheels from Wheeleez, Inc.

Belgian Ice Cream Carts  
Move Gear On The Beach  
Aluminum Cooler Wagon
Trailers That We Never Would Have Imagined  
Locator Trailer
This is an MDV metal detection trailer used for
large scale underground search. (See
Carts That Are Unstoppable  
Unstoppable Hand Trucks  
And Many More...  

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Sports & Recreation

Is Fun the name of your game?
With balloon wheels you can get your gear to to the good spots.

  • Beachwalk Project Photo #1
  • Beachwalk Project Photo #2
  • Beachwalk Project Photo #3
Beachwalk Project
Beachwalk Project
Beachwalk Project

Beachwalk Project is a 4 year, clean water awareness project which is traveling the major coastlines of the United States by foot and kayak. The team is working to raise awareness for the protection of EVERYONE'S RIGHT TO CLEAN WATER and is partnering with organizations that have proven to be exceptionally effective in this goal.


Snow Go Carts Scooter
Scooter with Wheeleez wheels
Beach Gear  
Inflatable Beach Dolly

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For those with physical limitations enjoying parks, beaches and remote areas can be challenging until you have Wheeleez® ' balloon wheels.

Beach Access  
Sand Shark

From: Joe **** [mailto:*******]
Sent: Saturday, April 25, 2009 12:17 PM

Hello Folks, Wheel EEZ is a great product; thank you. This is my first time on the beach under my own power in over 20 years. Here is a three wheel scooter I call the "SAND SHARK". Are there any discount coupons available for my next Wheel EEZ project?

Joe ****
Port Charlotte, Florida

From: perry **** [mailto:****]
Sent: Sunday, March 16, 2008 4:51 PM
Subject: Beach Buggy for the disabled picture.

Hi, My wife is a paraplegic but still enjoys looking for shells and swimming/snorkeling. Some PVC pipe and your wheels and axle have given her back her freedom. She can easily float on and off the buggy once it is in the water. The buggy also allows me to get her into swimming pools easily without the dangers of carrying her on my back as I used to do. With the addition of a 4" diameter "pool noodle" under the front the buggy also becomes a floating lounge chair. Thanks for a great product!

Perry ****

Pierpontbay Foundation

Stroller on beach with Wheeleez Beach Wheels

The stroller shown above is available, free of charge, to anyone with special needs for use in the Pierpont Beach, Venture, California area.



This ZAP beach buggy has been adapted by Howard Letovsky ( with Wheeleez 42cm PU wheels.
Katie Can-Do Beach Comber
Katie KanDo Beachcomber


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Mobility 4 Kids


What do you want to do with our balloon wheels? Send us your ideas!


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