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Can/Van top loading

Loading a kayak on top of a car. Loading a kayak on top of a van.
Your cart can rest on top of your trunk to assist you loading your kayak on top of your car. Use a strap to hold your cart at the edge of the roof to help you get your kayak on top of your van.


  • Simply flip the cart upside down so that the 4 foam bumpers contact either your flat trunk lid or in the case of an SUV, 2 bumpers should be on rear window and 2 on roof.
  • Strap the cart into this position to hold securely in place.
  • Once you’ve secured the cart, then place the bow of stern of your boat in between the cart wheels.
  • Lift other end of boat and gently push forward onto sports rack. This motion will enable the cart wheels to “pick up” and roll the boat forward.


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